Our relationship with ICT is changing. New platforms, new technologies, new devices, new channels and above all, new expectations are transforming the market and its rules.
Kite Labs is the partner with which you can face these new challenges and succeed in the digital world.

who we are

We are experts in the field of information and communication technology. As such, we know how to use state-of-the-art technology and possess the means to take full advantage of it. Our competence spanning the entire ICT ecosystem, alongside   united with  a deep knowledge of  our customers' needs, allows us to come up with innovative and integrated solutions and provide user-friendly experiences.

We are a well-integrated team  combining creativity, technology and experience in developing software. We are focused on a full comprehension of our customers' requirements, and tailor our software around them, designing experiences that go beyond their expectations.
We love every aspect of our job - that's why we work with enthusiasm. Our passion for technology pushes us to improve day by day and our rational approach allows us to chart technological evolution with the right measure of objectivity and detachment. We have a wealth of experience going back  30 years and in that time we  have seen many changes in this field.
This balance of wisdom and enthusiasm  makes us the right partner to move with the times, identifying the real sources of innovation and avoiding risks inherently linked with illusory trends. Our strength is in the capacity to work together  to  take advantage of our differences in terms of skills and backgrounds. We really value our customers'/users' opinions;  their suggestions  enable an ongoing process of improvement. 
Your values of the right methodology and transparency in to our process, are part of our core values. Therefore aligning our perspectives, right tools and efficiency will save time to market of your project.You challenge us in to exploring new horizons, our continues and never ending improvement methodology results in the best solution and highest satisfaction.

We speak plainly and promise only what we can fulfill. Such values guarantee that our company stands out from the crowd.
They ensure that as a partner we deliver maximum results with minimum input.

  • We love what we do

    We share a huge passion for technology but we make sure to assess things with the right level of objectivity and detachment. A rational approach allows us to follow how things really evolve and to avoid pursuing passing trends.

  • We say what we think

    Our consulting service is creative and practical at the  same time. We know how to develop an understanding with our customers, promising only what we can fulfill. 

  • We have the experience to distinguish trends from revolutions

    We don't follow illusory trends and recognize real revolutions. Even though intuition is key in this field, our solid background allows us to analyze  new ideas from their foundations.

  • We always take into account the other side of the coin 

    Our attention is focused  on our customer's needs, bringing down the cost of the activities and of the technology

  • We really know what collaboration means

    Our strength is in the capacity to work together  to take advantage of our differences in terms of skills and backgrounds.  We really value the opinions of the users of our solutions; we use their suggestions to enable an ongoing process of improvement

  • We love the idea of facing new challenges

    We put our reputation at stake in every new project. Our values and results enable us to stand out  from the crowd. You only give us basic input whilst getting back what you were looking for and even more with state of the art technology.

  • Beyond our team

    We work with managers, strategists, consultants and creatives from a variety of fields and backgrounds with the goal of  achieving results equal to the task.

what we do

We provide the tools to give our customers the power to manage their information using the cutting edge of ICT.

We determine project requirements, develop an understanding with our customers, come up with solutions, transfer knowledge and introduce technological innovation by respecting key elements: project parameters, allocation of resources as planned, times of delivery and costs.

  • concept

    • Understanding requirements
    • Alternative exploration
    • Process analysis  
    • Attention to detail
  • Design

    • Strategy devising
    • Intuitive interface
    • Usage and integration
    • Solution development
  • Technology 

    • Standard and customised solutions
    • Open systems
    • Reliability
    • Emerging platforms
  • Innovation

    • Research and development
    • Knowledge and awareness
    • Spirit of initiative and operative excellence
    • Creative thinking

how we manage to do that

We adopt a well-tested and flexible approach which suits every need and situation.

First of all we listen, paying attention to the details, to identify the requirements and work out if there are any possible areas for improvement. We take care of every aspect of the design process: from usage to testing, through integration and interaction between users, systems and our software. We lead the project up until it goes live by supporting and overseeing all phases:
set up, launch, checking and ongoing improvement.

come lo facciamo: perception, innovation, design, build, support, grow

why we are different

We provide the technical capability of a system integrator and the experience and competence of a consulting firm.

We respect everyone and everything, from people to rules, but not the status quo. There is always a margin for improvement and we love the surge of adrenaline springing from the opportunity to innovate.  We show our customers how to be flexible from a technological and organizational point of view. This way, plans can be put into action rapidly and effectively. Our competitive advantage is essentially provided by our experience and professional approach, complemented by our capacity to integrate systems and people at the cutting edge of ICT.

Seven qualities enabling us to stand out from the crowd

  • 1we listen

    We love developing an understanding with our customers in order to take care of the details and ensure an overall view at the same time.This way we determine what to do, assess how to do it and deliver exactly what we promise.

  • 2We are expert in both reliable and emerging technology

    We chart world-wide technological evolution with the right measure of passion, objectivity and detachment.This way we can meet (and sometimes go beyond) your expectations, through the introduction of innovation.

  • 3We use the best technologies

    To be honest, there isn't a technology for every particular need, but we are focused on bridging the gaps between them.This way you will always be certain that you will get out of our solution.

  • 4We look ahead

    We know  how to identify milestones in a long-lasting project. We know how to proceed through continual improvements.This way you don't need to wait until the end of the project to have a tangible idea of the results.

  • 5We know how to identify the right team for each project

    We break down each project into a logical and chronological sequence of activities. We know how to allocate people and distribute workloads to make an effective and efficient plan.This way you will always be updated with regard to the status of a project, you will be rest assured that beside you there is the right figure at the right time.

  • 6We are fast and effective

    We work with the specific goal of implementing advanced technologies, granting top-notch user experiences and delivering our solutions as soon as possible.This way you'll be constantly updated and able to choose the best option.

  • 7We make things simple 

    We know how to make complex things simple. Simplification is one of the most difficult aspects of our job. Conventional wisdom says that the simplest things are the most beautiful ones. Whilst one person may say that this is down to the fact that they are the easiest to understand, another person will suggest that they are attractive because you save time thanks to them; others think that they guarantee better and long-lasting functioning.
    We are sure that all of them are right!What do you think ?




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